Cat mysteries and coffee

As the name suggests, I love cat mysteries and coffee.  I started reading The Cat Who mysteries in high school and finished all of them by senior year (it took time for my hometown library to get all of the titles in, and I had to frequently request copies from other libraries).  As soon as I manage to find a cat friendly apartment and a roommate who is as crazy about cats as I am (or no roommate at all) I will have my own Koko and Yum Yum to spoil.  Until then I have to settle for spoiling my parents’ cats during my all too short visits home.

While I have to highly recommend The Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun for anyone looking to curl up was a cozy kitty mystery, there are a couple of other ones I’ve come across that are also great.

The Cat in the Stacks Series (by Miranda James)

  • I’ve read the first 6 books so far and it’s a great cozy mystery series when you want something simple and wholesome.  What really won me over was the fact that Diesel, the titular cat in the stacks, is a Maine Coon.  I’ve had two Maine Coons growing up, and they are basically adorably giant cuddly teddy bears.  Yet Maine Coons are hardly ever mentioned in books, overshadowed by Persians and Siamese (no offense to Koko and Yum Yum).

Second Chance Cat Mystery Series (by Sofie Ryan)

  • I’ve only read the first 2 books in this series, but the rest are currently in my ‘to read’ pile.  I love Elvis, and you know he’s really in charge ever since he hopped in Sarah’s truck.  He clearly adopted her, not the other way around.  He reminds me of almost every cat I had growing up, especially a handsome orange tabby named Simba.  It was his house, and we were just living in it.  That was fine with us, though.

Now on to the second part of the name: coffee!  I live on coffee.  There’s no way I could survive without it (not without some seriously painful caffeine headaches at least), and I always have a variety of K-cups and grounds for my moka pot (if you don’t have a moka pot I highly recommend getting one).  My current go-to’s are Tim Horton’s for my Keurig, mainly because I had a Tim Horton’s in my hometown so there’s some nostalgia mixed into the taste, and Dark Matter House Blend for my moka pot.

That’s pretty much it for this post, but I’ll be back with more book reviews/recommendations/lists, more coffee posts, and anything else that comes to mind.


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