Everything Belongs to Us

Everything Belongs to Us by Yoojin Grace Wuertz

Rating: 4 stars.

This book primarily follows 3 students, Namin, Sunam, and Jisun, during the end of the 70’s as they attend a top university in South Korea.  While there were several plots involving the main characters throughout the novel, including Sunam and Namin’s relationship, I really loved reading about the friendship between Namin and Jisun.  They have been friends since childhood despite having drastically different backgrounds.  Namin comes from a poor family struggling to pay for university while Jisun’s father is incredibly wealthy, and she never had to worry about money or appearances like Namin.  This led to her never really considering the consequences of her actions and leading to some devastating decisions.  While I understood Jinsun’s very real frustrations with her father’s expectations for her, they paled in comparison to Namin’s daily struggles to escape her background and strive for a better life for her family.

This was an engaging book and during the last third I couldn’t put it down. While the main 3 characters were flawed, you could understand their situations and kept rooting for them, even if you didn’t agree with their choices.


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