Curtis Sittenfeld’s new book on Hillary Clinton

I am a huge fan of Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep and American Wife, so I was thrilled today when I found out that Sittenfeld is planning to write a novel about Hillary Clinton.  In the book she will have Hillary turn down Bill’s numerous marriage proposals once and for all and then imagine how her life would have turned out.  It won’t be Sittenfeld’s first foray into politics as American Wife is based off former first lady Laura Bush.

This is a fascinating angle to Hillary’s story, and one that could go so many ways.  Will she have Hillary marry someone else?  What if she stays single?  What would Hillary have been able to do without a husband?  Would her political chances have been hurt without a man and family by her side?  Would they have been better since she now has to deal with Bill’s indiscretions anytime she steps into the public space?

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this book will be published before 2019, so we have a long wait to see what Sittenfeld envisions for Hillary Rodham.

Were you a fan of Prep and American Wife?  Excited about her new book?  Any other Sittenfield books you recommend I try to read next?  Let me know in the comments!


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