Lost in Translation

I love The Vegetarian and Human Acts, both written by Han Kang and translated by Deborah Smith.  I think they are are both incredible and tragic works about humanity, both it's brutality and compassion.  So I was disappointed when I came across this article today about the error filled translation of The Vegetarian. While I… Continue reading Lost in Translation


The Vegetarian

The Vegetarian by Han Kang Rating: 5 stars I loved Human Acts, Kang's latest work, and couldn't wait to read her novel that won the Man Booker International Prize.  It did not disappoint.  It was unsettling, haunting, and incredibly weird at parts (mainly thinking about the second section), but it lived up to its critical… Continue reading The Vegetarian

Human Acts

Human Acts by Han Kang Rating: 5 stars Amazing and devastating.  Human Acts is written as a series of short stories that are connected through the brutal violence during the Gwangju Uprising.  It begins with a student searching for his missing friend during the uprising.  While deep down he already knows what happened to his… Continue reading Human Acts