Magpie Murders

Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz Rating: 4.5 stars I loved this book!  It was everything you want from a classic whodunit story with a modern twist. It starts with a short chapter from Susan, the editor of best-selling author Alan Conway’s mystery series, as she explains that the hunt for the ending of his last… Continue reading Magpie Murders

The Heirs

The Heirs by Susan Rieger Rating: 3.5 stars I read this book because I liked the cheeky tone of her previous novel The Divorce Papers, told entirely through emails, memos, and legal documents.  The Heirs is not an epistolary novel like The Divorce Papers but still deals with the dysfunction between a marriage, along with family… Continue reading The Heirs

The Shadow Land

The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova Rating: 4 stars Elizabeth Kostova's latest novel is an intriguing mystery set in Eastern Europe as one American woman seeks to return a lost bag to its owner.  I loved The Swan Thieves* and couldn't wait to read her latest work.  It seems like Kostova sticks with a darker,… Continue reading The Shadow Land


Startup by Doree Shafrir Rating: 4.5 stars This book was equal parts incredible and infuriating.  There were so many times when I wanted to throw it at a wall because of how perfectly Shafrir captured the environment of casual sexism that still exists today, especially at startups.  I haven’t worked at a startup, but I… Continue reading Startup

The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas Rating: 5 stars I can describe this book in three words: incredible, heartbreaking, and necessary. Told through the eyes of 16 year old Starr, it describes a fatal police shooting and its aftermath.  Starr’s childhood friend Khalil, a 16 year old African American, is shot during a traffic… Continue reading The Hate U Give


I was able to get this book early through Book of the Month Club. If you haven’t checked them out before I highly recommend doing so.  They always have a great selection, and you can add additional books each month for $9.99.   Marlena by Julie Buntin Rating: 4 stars Reading about Marlena and Cat… Continue reading Marlena

Everything Belongs to Us

Everything Belongs to Us by Yoojin Grace Wuertz Rating: 4 stars. This book primarily follows 3 students, Namin, Sunam, and Jisun, during the end of the 70's as they attend a top university in South Korea.  While there were several plots involving the main characters throughout the novel, including Sunam and Namin's relationship, I really loved reading about… Continue reading Everything Belongs to Us

A Conjuring of Light

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab Rating: 5 stars Amazing. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this series and how sad I was to finish this book. I remember when I was little I loved books with fantasy and magic in them. The great ones would leave me with a sense… Continue reading A Conjuring of Light